EE Broker Email Services


One of the great benefits of being an EE Broker, is instant access to our Cloud Email Service.  Our top-notch technology allows you to posses your own, unique email address with us, without needing to install software to your computer.  We provide you with a professional image, email, and business card to give to your clients.  Our business email services allow you to sync with Outlook, and utilize your email on any internet connection and device.

Stay connected with us and with your clients

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You will receive frequent communication from us regarding updates, training resources, up-coming events and more.  We expect you to check your inbox regularly and manage all messages efficiently, including maintenance with folders, trash, etc.  Your email should be used for business purposes only, as associated with Earp Enterprises Inc and not for personal or recreational reasons.


Our IT Department is continually updating these services and will notify you when your account and password has been created.  Please do not abuse your email privileges and communicate to your clients, etc. with proper courtesy.

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Client Management System


Our exclusive client management system is available to our Elite Brokers.  This online back office system allows you to easily and efficiently track leads, clients, protected health information (PHI), and important notes regarding your encounters.  It is designed with you in mind.  Now you don’t have to worry about affording an outrageous system to record your information compliantly.  Based upon your status with us, we provide you with your own login and password and, if you are a General Agent or higher with us, accessibility to see your downline as well.  This is a crucial part of your success in this industry and ability to track and document your notes in accordance to compliance laws and regulations.  



EE Mentorship Program 


The EE Mentorship Program was created to cultivate powerful, successful Brokers through our challenging program.  We fully train, mentor, guide, and counsel Mentees so they are equipped to thrive in the industry.  Throughout this program, we provide one-on-one training and step-by-step instructions that guarantee the ability to aspire and achieve.  We don’t set up our Brokers for failure…we set them up for success.  We remember what it’s like to start from the beginning and we understand that knowledge empowers you to be better than the ordinary…it equips you to be EXTRAORDINARY.  

Leads Program


Depending on your status and contract level with EE, we provide fast, exclusive leads to you and only YOU.  This means they have not been touched by another broker…they are not used, recycled or out-dated.  You will be impressed by the turnaround time and the success you will have with our leads.  We did the research, so you don’t have to.  We can target specific areas you want to work, age brackets, income levels, and so forth.  Our leads sources use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive your leads quickly and obtain an excellent return ratio.  Let us do the hard work for you! 

Why are our leads unique?  Because we have been where you are.  We know how frustrating it is to work leads that another broker or agency has touched…and we believe you deserve to retain the “rights” to your own leads.  We also understand that in this industry, time is money.  You shouldn’t be wasting time chasing after leads when we can provide you with the best out there.  When you win, we all win!

Technology and Support


We are living in the age of technology.  Our quoting tools, online training, webinars, and electronic application submission capabilities enable you to work smarter, not harder.  Need a quick life insurance quote? Download one of our apps and give a quote instantly.  Enrolling a client in an area with no WIFI or phone service? You can still do an electronic app complete with a signature!  When it comes to technology, ours is unmatched.  You can count on a great experience and first class support.  Our resources guarantee your experience as a Broker will be hassle-free and user-friendly!