Steps and Strategies

The single best way to work in Final Expense marketing is to knock on doors.  It is much more difficult for a prospect to say no to a properly trained Final Expense salesperson face to face.  Statistics show that door knockers see twice as many people and make twice as many sales as those who use the telephone exclusively to set up appointments.

It is important to understand that you are providing a valuable service to senior citizens and must speak in a clear voice with a soothing, professional, relaxing tone. Remember you are providing a service in the death care industry, similar to that of a funeral director. By using these techniques you will gain trust, respect, and become their Final Expense agent. Seniors will typically purchase from a person that they like, admire, respect and trust. You must come across in person or on the telephone with these qualities, and have the ability to do it quickly. You must be knowledgeable, firm in your convictions, confident and always sincere. If you follow the system as we have instructed, study your profession and not alter the system in any way, you will develop all of these important qualities and your success will be imminent. Our goal is simple: it is to provide you with all the tools necessary to assist seniors with their Final Expense planning and to create an income opportunity like no other.
There are several steps involved that will virtually guarantee your success. So let’s discuss them in detail:

  • STEP 1:  Many successful professional Final Expense brokers travel from 2-5 hours from their home or office.  They do this so they are not distracted by outside influences and they can truly put in a full day focusing on their work.  Let’s face it, when you’re home you are dealing with spouses, children, bills and all of the concerns of home life.  It is easy to be distracted and lose focus.  Remember: the reason you are going to travel is to make sales and to service clients in the suburbs that are not typically being approached by others.  This is not necessarily the rule but it’s what has proven to work best.  If you manage your time properly , you will be able to be on the road four days and three nights per week, leaving three quality days to spend at home with your family.  One of the main advantages of a Career like this is that you have the ability to make your own schedule and the power to create your own success.
  • STEP 2:  Organize your leads by utilizing our secure Back Office and leads management system.  Keep track of your passwords and save them in an orderly fashion. Don’t waste time by being sloppy and disorganized.  Successful people stay on top of everything.  This also means updating your Back Office regularly and accurately.  If you stop out at a lead and they are not home, document it.  If you stop out and speak with someone and they ask you to come back another time, document it.  If they call you on the phone, document it.  The purpose of Earp Enterprises is to provide high quality service to our clients and we rely on our brokers to be responsible and do that.
  • STEP 4:  Knock on the door of EVERY lead!  Your income will depend on your ability to make as many presentations each week as possible.  The more presentations you make, the more sales you’ll close.  With Caller I.D., more and more people let calls ring through when they don’t recognize the caller.  In addition, it’s easier for a prospect to say “NO” over the phone than it is face-to-face…and we’ve all been known to do that at some in our lives, so keep that in mind.  When arriving at the door, ring the doorbell and take two steps backwards.  Make sure you have your identification badge (if applicable) and return mailer the client completed in your hand.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!  Your lead card is your “ticket to the concert”, so to speak.  When prospective clients see THEIR signature card that THEY filled out and can recognize it, you are much more likely to get in the door.  This is what distinguishes you from door-to-door sales (not that there is anything wrong with that whatsoever), it’s just a lot easier when you have a “warmed-up” lead.
  • STEP 5:  If no one is home, leave and come back another time.  You may also try a different time of day.  They might be out shopping, have routine doctor appointments, etc., or simply just caught them during their un-favorite time of day!
  • STEP 6:  If you have stopped out a few times and still have had no luck, try giving them a call.  Just let them know that you have tried to reach out to them in response to the lead card THEY sent in to our office asking about information on Life Insurance.  During this conversation don’t be pushy…but strive to schedule an appointment when they will be home so that you can review their options.
  • STEP 7:  When entering the home, proceed to the living room sofa and look for family photos.  Make sure you always have photos available of your spouse, children, grandchildren or any other important people in your life that you like to show off.  People like it when you are personable and they can see that you care about people.  It is a way to establish an emotional connection with the client…because now you are treating them as more of a friend than a prospect.
  • STEP 8:  Try to sit down with them at their kitchen or dining room table if at all possible.  It is much easier for you to make a compliant presentation and explanation when you can spread the materials before them…and let’s face it…when you are comfy on the couch, you are much less astute and less likely to enroll in a plan than if you are sitting alert and with all the information in front of you. You can do this easily by saying “I need a place to set up my papers, can we go to the kitchen table please?”
  • STEP 9:  Fill out your NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM.  This will provide an easy way for you to find out their information and the reason behind why they filled out that lead card.  Use this time to ask a few pertinent questions so that you may better address their needs.
  • STEP 10:  If they already have a Life policy in place, ask them if you can see it! Let them know that you just want to review it with them and make sure that it is the absolute best fit for what they need. This will open the door for further conversation and discussion about why you are able to help them and what you have to offer.  This is when you really have to “sell yourself”!
  • STEP 11:  Make sure the client can afford the program selected by asking them the following question: “Mr. and Mrs. _________, we want to make sure the program you selected fits well within your budget and will not create a financial burden for you.  If ($) is too expensive, we can easily reduce the amount to make it more affordable. So I just want to confirm that ____ is a comfortable amount for you.”  Your client will appreciate you looking out for their best interests and placing their needs first.  Also…when they hear themselves say out loud that YES, this is affordable, they are less likely to cancel.
  • STEP 12:  Before leaving the home, be sure to spend five to ten minutes in a “cool down” period and talk about anything but business. When the time is right, thank the prospect for the time and go to your next appointment.  This is a very important step.  You do not want their last impression of you as taking an app and then rushing out the door.  They will remember that you took the time to talk with them after the sale was made.