Invest In Yourself!

Setting Goals

As an independent producer with an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s up to you to set your own goals and objectives. We will provide you with some common sense guidelines and tips to help you set and achieve your goals. Let’s start with this concept: first, in order for something to be a goal, it must be measurable, and it must have a specific time frame or deadline. Second, a goal that is not written down is nothing more than a pipedream. In order to achieve a goal, you MUST put it in writing to make it real. So here’s a project for you…decide right here and right now what your short and long term goals are, not only as an EE Broker, but as a person with dreams, aspirations and desires in life. Do you want to build a retirement nest egg? Do you want to pay for you children’s college education? Do you like driving expensive cars, do you want a bigger home, etc. Put it all in writing, no matter how big or insignificant they seem, right down to grabbing your favorite Starbucks coffee every day. You get the picture!

Ready. Set. Write!

You must set your own goals taking into account what you are realistically capable of doing and, more importantly, willing to do. In order to achieve a goal, it is often helpful to break it down into smaller pieces. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
Once you know which days of the week you work, you can set your weekly and daily goals and begin to achieve them.  Putting them constantly in front of you will help keep your focus on where it should be. And as you accomplish one by one, watching those get checked off your list will be a motivation in itself to work harder!
So Remember…

     “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”  – Diana Scharf Hunt



Each day, record your actual results. By the middle of the week, if you are behind schedule, you can take measures to step up the pace. At the end of the week, take a look at what you’ve accomplished.  How do these numbers compare with the goal you set at the beginning of the week? Our system provides a track for you to run on. If you follow the system, you’ll be able to diagnose your own weaknesses and constantly improve your performance. It’s that simple.
You should strive for the highest ratio of applications to leads as possible. By documenting your weekly results, this will help you evaluate how well you are doing. If you’re properly working the system full-time, with a full deck of leads, then you should enjoy a fantastic income that will only continue to grow.
It’s a whole lot easier to attain goals if you put them down in writing and record your results. Complete this every week and watch the transformation take place. Make it your priority to continually advance, reach for higher goals, and perfect the system once you start utilizing it and seeing it work.
Concept Review:
1. Decide what your goals are.
2. Write them down.
3. Record your results.
4. Repeat every week.
5. Continue to make new goals, work harder to attain them, and enjoy your achievements.


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