The Secret to Success

Many agents have developed lucrative careers in the Final Expense marketplace. The agents that work the hardest have the most success. Your first job in becoming a successful agent is to take the time and detail to study and MASTER everything in this training manual. Then, you must take action and follow the program exactly as it is laid out. There is no substitute for putting the rubber to the road, and you will only be successful if you make a complete effort to visit every single person that sent you a reply card. Many highly successful agents work with an appointment setter that makes calls to schedule appointments to set up their week on the weekend, and while they are in the field to fill in open time slots and make the best use of their time and leads.
All of your leads for the week will be in a fairly tight geographic area. When you receive your deck of leads, organize them in order as if you were preparing a route. On Monday morning by 9 o’clock if travel is required, you should arrive in the area where you will be working that week, find a hotel that is centrally located and check in. You will be staying in that area until Thursday. Once you are settled in, you may decide to attempt to contact your leads by phone and schedule appointments using the phone script on the next page. If you do so, you should start scheduling your appointments for THAT afternoon and work to fill in as much of your week as possible. Most high producing agents don’t call in advance at all; they simply show up at the door of the prospect with the lead card in hand (which by the way you should do with any lead that you cannot reach by phone anyway!). Statistics show that door knockers see twice as many people and make twice as many Final Expense sales as those who use the telephone exclusively to set up appointments.
The reality is that there is no shortcut to this process. You have to see the people in order to sell them. Sometimes you’ll knock on a door and nobody will be home. That’s part of the process – you just go onto the next one, and if you keep on going, by the end of the day you’ll be tired, but you’ll have a bunch of completed applications in hand. Don’t stop no matter what: you can make the law of averages work for you instead of against you if you work the system.





Creating a successful sales career is like being on a successful diet; you have to plan the day before what you will eat the following day. A successful sales career starts with planning your activities in advance and developing a sales rhythm. Your sales rhythm should be virtually unchanged week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Sample Schedule:

  • Sunday night and Monday morning– Map leads, book appointments * (if applicable) NOTE:  NEVER book Monday morning presentations as it will take away from your ability to run leads and get a head start for the week.
  • Monday afternoon and evening– Run leads and/or appointments and run leads in-between appointments or no-shows
  • Tuesday all day– Run leads and/or appointments
  • Wednesday morning– book appointments.  NOTE:  This is a good time to make calls on leads that perhaps you stopped out at several times and could not catch at home….or maybe that lead card that does not have a home address but does provide a phone number.  Also includes referrals, book of business, etc.  
  • Wednesday afternoon– Run appointments and run leads in-between appointment or no-shows
  • Thursday all day–  Run leads and appointments 
  • Friday– Meet with your Mentor.  Make follow up calls to your clients and ask for referrals.

You want to know the secret to success?  PREPARE YOUR WEEK AND FOLLOW YOUR SCHEDULE!