How to Market Effectively

The field of marketing can be both an exciting and daunting experience.  Earp Enterprises has compiled unique marketing strategies to help each member of our team in his effort to market Life Insurance.  We are prepared to help you through the challenges.  

We work with numerous carriers throughout the states, and can offer an array of products from guaranteed issue, whole life, term, final expense, and more.  Our unique quoting system compares plans and pricing to make your presentation go smoothly.  You can be confident that no matter what your client’s budget, health condition, age, or preference…WE can find a perfect fit!

You are going to find that Life Insurance is a competitive industry.  It is also stereotyped, looked down upon, misconstrued and misrepresented.  Our objective at Earp Enterprises is to overcome and transform the industry into how it should be.  We strive to educate our Brokers on the correct strategies they need to make a positive impact and prove to society that there ARE GOOD insurance brokers out there!

Break it Down

The first step in understanding Final Expense can be found by breaking it down.



Final Expense training is an invaluable asset in learning how to approach people about a topic that they really don’t want to think or talk about.  Let’s face it…no one wants to talk to you about death.  However, death is something that will happen to all of us one day, and we have to deal with the fact that when we pass on, our loved ones left behind will be responsible for the decisions we make now.

For this purpose, we have designed a powerful training manual to help you understand how to talk to people about their final expenses.  It is important that you paint a picture for them, but do it in a respectful and helpful manner.  This is not always an easy task.  Many of us begin marketing final expense and are totally unprepared for the objections, the hard questions, and the abstinence that we are going to face.  But remember:  the clients that you are able to help will thank you one day…their families will thank you one day.  You are providing a SERVICE.  You are being a friend.  You are helping them find out what they need, who they want to protect, how much coverage they want, and how much they can afford.  YOU ARE AN ADVISER.

This course will be your guide!  Refer to it frequently and take as much of it in as you possibly can.  Follow our program EXACTLY as we instruct and you will blow all the other mediocre brokers out of the water!